Cronos Stable Swap

How to Swap
Swapping two assets on CROSS gives users efficient trading and low slippage. Go to
Swapping Steps
Step 1: Select the source token and select the target token.
Step 2: Enter the number of tokens you wish to sell. You will see how many new tokens you will receive, the price impact and the total fee.
Step 3: Click the “Advanced Options” link to select options like slippage and txt deadline. Click the “Swap” button.
Step 4: Double-check your transaction details and click the “Confirm swap” button.
In order to allow CROSS to access the tokens in your wallet, you will be prompted to agree to a small fee associated with this initial connection process. This fee is compulsory, because it is charged by the blockchain, not the CROSS platform. Allowing CROSS to access your tokens is completely safe and the CROSS platform cannot perform any transactions without your prompt and confirmation. You can disconnect your wallet at any time.
Step 5: Wait for the transaction to complete.