Audits & Security

User security and safety is of the utmost importance to us
All of CROSS's smart contracts are non-custodial.
This means that the developers do not have access to your funds.


Direct Audits

CROSS is pleased to announce the completion of an audit by Heimdallr.
Audited by Heimdallr

Indirect Audits

The project represents a fork of Saddle Finance applied to the CRONOS blockchain. Saddle Finance was selected due to its robust smart contracts, audited source code, and good documentation. Forking from this project we were able to inherit from existing smart contract security audits already conducted by OpenZeppelin, Quantstamp, and Certik.
Note, while security audits do mitigate risk, they do not completely eliminate risk, do not supply assets you cannot already afford to lose to CROSS as a liquidity provider. Using CROSS as an exchange would be considered less risky, but please keep in mind there are still risks.