Snapshot of the future of the CROSS ecosystem
Milestones are subject to change and may adapt to market conditions, trends, and stakeholder engagement.

Alpha Phase

  • Validate Pool1 test contracts
  • Deploy Pool1 production contracts

Beta Phase (Pre-launch)

  • Build native token and staking contracts
  • Finalize launch mechanism / launch partner
  • Deploy native token and staking contracts
  • Launch and begin emissions
We are currently in the Gamma (Growth) Phase

🔄 Gamma Phase

  • Implement selected metapools (BUSD, UST, MIM, etc.)
  • Expand into other metapools (BTC, ETH, etc.)
  • Launch Pool2 bonding program to accumulate Protocol-Owned Liquidity
  • Implement enhanced single staking and revenue share mechanisms
  • Implement early stage governance features
  • Integration of xUSD into partner protocols
  • Integration into DEX aggregators
  • Collaboration with yield farms
  • Integration with bridge protocols
February Milestones:
  • Rebrand, homepage redesign, domain expansion
  • Execution of partnership pipeline close to actualization
  • Landmark partnership featuring product integration and a joint marketing campaign with one of the biggest protocols in the DeFi space
  • Volume competition to incentivize product usage and increase marketing exposure
  • Supercharged single staking program for long term believers
  • Buyback program to support price floor
  • Adjacent production expansion - already completed, to be announced
  • Coingecko listing

Long Term

  • Liquidity-as-a-Service protocols
  • Decentralized Crypto ETF Index
  • The Manufactorium