xUSD Stableswap

Signature liquidity pool for established stablecoins facilitating low slippage swaps
Swapping between stablecoins should be a seamless, low-slippage, and low-fee affair
Earn yield on your stablecoins by depositing USDC, USDT, or DAI to the "Stablecoin Cross Pool" liquidity pool in return for CROSS USD Stablecoin tokens (ticker: xUSD). You can deposit all three at once, just one, or any combination of two.
Be aware of bonus or penalties assessed before providing stablecoins. Provide all three in the same quantity if you want to ensure that you deposit without any price impact
There is a bonus on xUSD applied when depositing under-provided stablecoins or withdrawing over-provided stablecoins. On the flipside, there is a penalty on xUSD applied when depositing over-provided stablecoins or withdrawing under-provided stablecoins
The "Virtual Price" of the xUSD tokens is the value of the basket of underlying stablecoins collateralizing the value of xUSD - which should trend towards 1 USD

Benefits of holding xUSD

  • Each stablecoin - even established ones - have their own set of risk factors. xUSD is a stablecoin that diversifies such individual risk by being fully collateralized against the best stablecoins in the crypto world
  • Opportunity to stake xUSD to earn their share of 20% of all CROSS emissions in one of the highest-yielding stablecoin pools in Cronos
  • No lock-up periods. Redeem your xUSD for any or a combination of its underlying USDC, USDT, or DAI stablecoins at your convenience
  • No protocol fees on minting (depositing USDC / USDT / DAI) or redeeming xUSD (withdrawing USDC / USDT / DAI)
Deposit your stablecoins in the xUSD Pool: https://avtocross.finance/#/pools
Stake your xUSD tokens - []
NOTE - If you staked your xUSD tokens, you have to unstake them before you can withdraw your stablecoins from the xUSD Pool.