Welcome to CROSS

#1 stableswap and liquidity protocol on Cronos chain
Cronos Stable Swap (CROSS) is the #1 stableswap and liquidity protocol on Cronos chain

What is CROSS?

CROSS is an automated market-maker ("AMM") on the Cronos chain designed for low-slippage trading of stablecoins and other pegged assets.
The first fundamental and core liquidity product is the signature Stablecoin Cross Pool with a basket of three dollar-pegged stablecoins consisting of USDC, USDT, DAI. The protocol intends to establish additional metapools as other stablecoins accumulate liquidity depth such as BUSD, UST, MIM, etc., as well as pegged blue-chip pools such as BTC and ETH in collaborative efforts with cross-chain protocols.
In addition, being a stablecoin AMM is only the first step, and CROSS envisions building towards a Liquidity-as-a-Service protocol, where stablecoin stakers can enjoy high diversified risk-adjusted returns, single token stakers enjoy enhanced yields, and everyone wins with the improved liquidity depth of solid projects across the Cronos ecosystem.
CROSS is non-custodial, meaning the CROSS developers do not have access to your tokens.


↔️ Trade

Swap between stablecoins on Cronos chain with the lowest possible slippage.

💸 Earn

Earn the CROSS governance token as a reward for providing stablecoin liquidity in any of CROSS core products, such as the Stablecoin Cross Pool.
Alternatively, both CROSS and partner DEX Cronaswap reward liquidity providers handsomely in order to help mitigate impermanent loss. You can stake the CROSS-xUSD LP on the CROSS platform or in Cronaswap's farms.

Why build a Stablecoin-focused AMM (Stableswap)?

Swapping of tokens with unequal pricing (such as BTC to CRO) works very well with current AMM protocols, which tend to be based off the original Uniswap or Sushiswap protocols on the ETH Mainnet. However, this concept no longer holds when swapping between stablecoins, or tokens that are expected to be pegged to a similar price (in this case it is US$1.00). Swapping large amounts of stablecoins expose you to not only higher swap fees (typically 0.3%) on each routing but also on multiple routes (say, a USDC->USDT->DAI route). Depending on the liquidity depth of each two-sided LP pool, your slippage can also vary.
The stablecoin AMM protocol used by CROSS is battle-tested both in terms of economics and cybersecurity since 2017, and is perfectly suited for swapping between stablecoins (tokens that are pegged to US$1.00). Swapping between stablecoins no longer expose you to potential multiple routes, and fees are far superior to that of typical AMMs (0.04% vs 0.30%; we are 7x cheaper!). The consolidation of liquidity into a single pool also enhances liquidity depth which further decreases slippage. CROSS stableswaps are envisioned to be not only the fastest, but cheapest and lowest in slippage in the entire Cronos ecosystem.

How to buy CROSS?

  1. 1.
    Most of the starting liquidity after launch will be in CROSS-xUSD CLP on Cronaswap. In order to buy CROSS you will need xUSD. You can mint xUSD by depositing stablecoins into the Stablecoin Cross Pool.
  2. 2.
    Alternatively, you can buy CROSS with CRO on Cronaswap. However, liquidity will be very thin after launch and you may need to wait for liquidity to deepen before doing so
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